Sweet & sassy-wanna know more?


Sweet & sassy-wanna know more?

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I like meeting new people, being around people that make me laugh, smile, also encourage me to do fun things. I enjoy doing all sorts of crafts, sports and charity classes. Before coming to prison I was working on receiving my G.E.D., then trying to find a good school to go to to be a CNA or Cosmetologist. I was young before I came to prison, so I didn’t have a lot of work experience, but the little I had was as a Telemarketer, Cashier, Waitress/Bartender. I loved it all. My journey got cut short but I’m not letting that stop me from accomplishing my goals. For my future right now is getting back into a Drafting class they offer here and going to a new and better job. Since I have been locked up I have gotten my G.E.D., pending working for C.I. I have worked as a janitor for the school and our RDC/SEG unit, maintenance, also. I’m also interested in the Pet Program/Braille. I try to stay out of the drama. When I get out I want to be a Teen Advocate for the youth, to tell my story of my life, what I have experienced and how I can help prevent anyone from falling into the lifestyle I lived. I love to work with people and I know I might have an impact on their life/future from what I have to say. I would like to meet friends. Who knows, maybe more one day. I just want to put myself out there to get to know people. So if you liked what I had to say, then please feel free to write me.

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