Real men apply here!


Real men apply here!

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I am looking for people who see what’s inside AND outside the box. Those are the type of people I need for friends. Prison tries to suck the life out of any originality one may have; but I refuse to become a drone! I am looking for friends to keep me up to date with the real world. It’s been 11 whole years since I’ve been out there. Tell me what life is like. Rock, opera, rap and anything in between are genres of music that I listen to. My favorite band is System of a Down. Anime, fairies, photography and European history are just a few of my interests.

I’m a great listener, quick witted and can handle anything thrown at me. Weird fact about me: I was raised Republican. HA! That does NOT reflect my current political views. I do not judge anyone for anything and prefer to be treated the same way. My appetites for knowledge, life and books are voracious. If you’re interested or just curious, write me. I always write back.

“My hard eyes broke & grew a rose Whose one huge eye saw only you Flowering in cosmos after cosmos Laughing as we grew.” -Rumi

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