What is your mailing address so I can pass it on to an inmate who wants her ad removed?

Prison-Babes, LLC

P.O. Box 26944

Jacksonville, FL 32226

How do I know if these women are truthful when asking for money?

You'll have to decide that for yourself.  According to an article in the Laredo (Texas) Morning Times, scams are very profitable for inmates.  Unless you can truly afford it, don't send any money for any reason and definitely don't expect anything, ANYTHING, in return on your investment.  If you can't afford to throw money away, don't send it to a felon.  And if you believe anything she tells you, don't complain when it turns out to be a complete fabrication said only with the intent of receiving your money.

Do you host ads for male inmates?

No, sorry.  I have a backlog of female ads and the backlog grows daily.  Once the dust settles on the opening of this site, I’ll consider starting a site for men, but I don’t have that option available at the moment.

Can I submit ads for my inmate friends?

Yes, you can.  

How current are the inmates' addresses?

They are as current as the date the ad was submitted or last updated.