Inmate Ad Information

Please complete all of the required information below. After completing the application, you will be directed to to pay for the ad. You can subscribe through PayPal even if you do not have an account by using your debit or credit card. After payment confirmation arrives, we will complete the ad and place it online within 2 business days. Additionally, would suggest submitting at least one current photo, however, you may still publish the ad without a photo, and update it at a later date as desired.  You may submit 2 photos at no additional cost to you, and the ad will run for the duration of your sentence. 

Pictures submitted MUST be of the inmate.  Pictures discovered not to be of the inmate will be removed. Moreover, no refunds will be issued if an inmate submits fraudulent or inappropriate photographs. 

Ad Cost

$25 (or 75 stamps) for all ads which will last for the duration of your sentence.  Stamps CAN be used for payment figuring 3 “Forever” 1oz stamps per dollar of ad cost.  Send a request to for a total number of stamps needed for your particular ad.

  • Renewals and extensions: Not required for this site.  Your ad runs for the duration of your sentence.

  • Pictures: Your ad comes with 2 free pictures you can send/post.  Additional photos are $5 each or 4 for $15. This is in addition to the 2 photos included with your initial ad cost.

  • You ad includes submission of your ad to the “Daily Dozen” free of charge using a random selection daily.

  • You ad includes submission to the “Jobs” web page during your last year of incarceration free of charge. Be sure to include your job skills.

  • Updates cost $5 each time and you can update all verbiage, photos or both.

Ad Suggestions

Make your ad long enough to tell the reader a little bit about yourself, but leave it short enough for the reader to want to write to you for more information.  What type of person are you looking for in a pen-pal?  Are you open to possible romance?  What type of person will you click with best?  Are you wanting only a certain race for your pen-pal? It’s important to find pen-pals that will stimulate your interests. 


Prison-Babes, LLC assumes no liability for the performance or non-performance of the USPS for delivery of the mail.  If you mailed an ad application, and you do not see the ad in place within 30 days, please contact us.  Our goal is to have ALL ads online within 72 hours of receipt.  If there is a delay due to natural occurrence (hurricanes, etc.) or staff situations (vacation), then all efforts will be made to have that ad posted on the next available business day. 

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    Alternate Payment Method

    Mail amount due with personal check, money order, or stamps (3 forever 1oz stamps per dollar of amount due) to:

    Prison-Babes, LLC.
    P.O. Box 26944
    Jacksonville, FL 32226