A Premiere Website Dedicated to Building Relationships with Women Currently Serving Time.

Introduction hosts web pages for ladies in prison. These female prisoners are looking for many things, including pen-pals, love, marriage, and a good solid relationship with men and women in the free world. These ladies do not have access to the Internet, their only means of contact with the outside world is by writing letters. Writing letters is a lost art, one that would be good to revive in these times of texting, and the awful abbreviations that entail. Try writing a lady or two as pen-pals and maybe you’ll find that you have more in common with them than you think. We know they’ll enjoy receiving the letters, and believe you’ll find that you enjoy writing, plus you might just make a new friend. Who knows, you may even find romance, but don’t begin writing thinking that you’ll find the love of your life. Start writing just to write to someone. You’ll brighten their day, and believes they will brighten yours as well.

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Employment Opportunities

During the inmate’s last year of ‘residence’ inside the fences, Prison-Babes, LLC provides a service free to all of those who take out ads. We post the lady’s name, location and job related skills to our “Finding a Job” page here that employers can access.

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Meeting Women I Could Know

“I am not happy to be in prison, but I am thankful to be here.” These words were echoed again and again by the women we met at Indiana Women’s Prison (IWP), the oldest women’s facility in the country – founded in 1873. These women are thankful for the opportunities at IWP that have allowed them to create healthy blueprints for their lives. IWP has inmates as young as 14 and as old as 87 – serving terms for as little as one year to six life sentences. Some women are pregnant when they arrive.

Meeting Women I Could Know


Helpful hints to those responding to an inmate’s pen-pal ad.

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